September 20, 2017

Hump Day, Bump Day

How Far Along?
34 weeks.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 
Ummm I don't even want to know.

Maternity Clothes?
Yes but I find that my husband's sweat pants and t-shirts are way more comfortable and fit better at this point.

Sleeping great minus waking up between 3 and 4 am.

Miss Anything?
So much right now. Can I just say I am looking forward to having my baby in my arms and my stomach going back to its normal size??

Yes, all the time.

Food Cravings:
Give me all the sugar.

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: 
Garlic and onion.

Team Green.

Best Moment This Week: 
My hips have been hurting terribly but I have found a lot of relief from taking a bath overnight with some epsom salt and lavender bubble bath. Portland and I take a bath together almost every night and even though it isn't super relaxing, definitely a great bonding time with him and helps my hips tremendously. 

Worst Moment This Week:
I am moody and irritable 24/7 at this point and usually, it is for no good reason. I try to keep it in check because well, no one likes a bitch but if I have snapped or just seem all around grumpy, it is me, not you. 

September 15, 2017

Toy Story Birthday Party

I am still in a birthday coma over her but I am going to do my best to re-cap my little guy’s second birthday.
We had the best weekend celebrating our little guy turning two! We held his birthday party on Saturday the 9th and then spent the 10th (his actual birthday) celebrating as a family. He had a blast and was well worth all that goes into throwing a party.
So let’s dive right in to the party!

My little boy loves everything Disney. The first Disney movie he fell in love with was Toy Story so early on I decided that would be his 2nd birthday party theme. I really did not go overboard this year and tried to keep things as easy and simple as possible, especially since I am 33 weeks pregnant. I kept the decorations simple, menu easy and guest list small. It was a perfect little afternoon with family and friends.
We held his party late afternoon and provided pizza and appetizers plus cupcakes. Portland still doesn’t like cake (the horror!) so we also had ice cream on hand.

I think my favorite item from his birthday were his invites. I found a Woody and Buzz invite on Etsy and ordered ten of each. They came out incredible and I highly recommend this shop. I also ordered the Thank You cards and those were just as amazing. 
Even though we kept the food simple (I didn’t make a thing!) I wanted to display it nicely. I picked up the table cloth, plates, cutlery, cups, napkins, balloons etc. all from Party City.

And I couldn’t forget a custom shirt. He won’t let me stick him in cheesy birthday shirts forever so I took full advantage. The quality is amazing and it is just what I wanted.
We really had nothing planned as far as activities go, he is still too young for that but we set up his water table, bubbles, balls and side walk chalk in the backyard. He played so hard!

It really was just a low-key casual celebration with those closest to us and we couldn’t have pictured it any better!

I think you can just tell from this picture how much fun our little man had. He is also obsessed with his Toy Story gang! He  loves his Woody, Buzz and Jesse so much!
Photo dump below!